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Uix Slideshow - WordPress Plugin

This plugin is a simple way to build, organize and display slideshow into any existing WordPress theme. Using template file to embed your theme.

Insert slideshow anywhere on your site using a custom post type. Powered by jQuery Flexslider with some transition styles to choose from.

Adding Uix Slideshow to Web Pages

There are two different ways you can add the Uix Slideshow widget to your site’s pages:

(1) Shortcode – Embed a shortcode into the editor of any post, page, or custom post type.

Use to add it to your Post, Widgets or Page content. Now this shortcode has one attributes. Uix Slideshow show at most can be customized using the “show” parameter. Show all items if value is ‘-1’.

Go to your WordPress admin panel, edit or create a new post (or page). You’ll see a Uix Slideshow button in the toolbar.

(2) Template tags – Add a simple PHP function to one of your theme’s template files.

Place <?php get_template_part( 'partials', 'uix_slideshow' ); ?> in your templates.

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