1. Plugin Description

Uix Page Builder is a design system that it is simple content creation interface. Drag & Drop, User-friendly and online Visual Editing.

Here are 6+ One-Page Templates for you to swipe and make your own. Here, you will find free, professional design for Uix Page Builder. We add new, fresh designs regularly in order to provide you with large variety of templates to chose from. More importantly, each module may contain a variety of styles.

You could add a new page with Uix Page Builder to your WordPress site, find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add new. The “Uix Page Builder Attributes” section applies page builder templates to your new page.

Included Modules

The currently available default elements:

  • Custom Menu (2 layouts)
  • Parallax
  • Google Maps
  • Pricing (4 layouts)
  • Features (2 layouts)
  • Testimonials carousel
  • Team (2 layouts)
  • Clients
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Author Card
  • Progress Bar
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Slider
  • Instagram Feed
  • Sidebar
  • Uix Products (Require the WP plugin “Uix Products”)
  • Uix Slideshow (Require the WP plugin “Uix Slideshow”)
  • Contact Form (Require the WP plugin “Contact Form 7”)


  • Support Custom Post Types to create a portfolio list in WordPress. (Require the WP plugin Uix Products)
  • Support Custom Post Types to create a slideshow in WordPress. (Require the WP plugin Uix Slideshow)
  • You can switch between “Visual Builder” and “Default Editor” modes at any time on the Pages Add New/Edit Screen.
  • Support to choose multiple default templates you want.
  • Support to save custom templates and export templates.
  • Support a key to add anchor links based Uix Page Builder to your navigation. Visit the Menus page (Appearance « Menus), choose items like “Uix Page Builder Anchor Links”, from the left column to add to the menu.
  • Simple operation window, support loop list items.
  • Customizable core style sheets.
  • Drag and Drop Responsive Website Builder.
  • Uix Page Builder supports the automatic addition of Anchor Links.
  • Supports Right-To-Left (RTL) direction.

Advanced Customization ( For Theme Developer )

Please install the plugin and check out the “Uix Page Builder Helper” directly in admin panel.

2. Dependencies

WordPress requires at least the PHP 5.3+
Requires at least: WP 4.2.

3. Introduction & Usage

3.1. Usage

1. After activating your theme, you can see a prompt pointed out as absolutely critical. Go to "Dashboard » Appearance » Install Plugins". Or, upload the plugin to wordpress, Activate it. (Access the path (/wp-content/plugins/) And upload files there.)

2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, edit or create a new page. You will find "Uix Page Builder Attributes" settings in a meta box in your WordPress backend when you create a new page or when you are editing an existing one. ( You could specify the template name, in this case I used Uix Page Builder Template. )

3.2. Custom CSS

You can overview the original styles to overwrite it. It will be on creating new styles to your website, without modifying original .css files. Go to "Dashboard » Uix Page Builder" in the WordPress Administration Screens, then link to a specific tab like "Custom CSS".

4. FAQ

FAQ 1: How To Create a Full Width or Boxed Layout?

On visual builder page, expand the from Drag & Drop modules of left sidebar. You can easily choose the type of container.

FAQ 2: How To Create The One-Page Navigation?

1. On visual builder page, expand the from Drag & Drop modules of left sidebar. You can enter any string in the custom ID field on the right. Such as my-portfolio.

2. Create a new menu, and add a Custom Link for each menu item you plan on having. For each menu item, enter an id that you will assign later to the corresponding section. For example, for the menu item My Portfolio, you would enter #my-portfolio in the URL field.

FAQ 3: How to use a custom page builder template?

You could create Uix Page Builder template file (from the directory "/wp-content/plugins/uix-page-builder/uixpb_templates/tmpl-uix_page_builder.php" ) in your templates directory. It’s just a custom template file in the theme folder. Of course you doesn’t need to create it, you can use of the default page template or your own custom template file directly.

FAQ 4: How to create Anchor Links menu with Uix Page Builder?

Uix Page Builder supports the automatic addition of Anchor Links. From the "Appearance" menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the "Menus" option to bring up the Menu Editor. Locate the pane entitled "Uix Page Builder Anchor Links". Within this pane, select a page to view all anchor link.

FAQ 5: How to set the menu for the currently used page template of Uix Page Builder?

Go to Dashboard » Appearence » Menus. Click on "create a new menu" to create your custom menu. You should tick the appropriate checkbox of "Primary Menu" from options as "Display location".

FAQ 6: How to customize the Uix Page Builder templates and modules in admin panel?

Please install the plugin and check out the **"Uix Page Builder Helper » For Theme Developer"** directly in admin panel.

5. API

Coming soon...

6. Credits

I would like to give special thanks to credits. The following is a guide to the list of credits for this plugin: