Keep Own Belief and Dreams Alive Around Working Life

As a UI/UX/Web designer I should stand up for our industry and do whatever I can to make people see what my worth. In this way, keeping faith is very important. I liked getting my work done. For example, drawing a picture, playing dance, watching animation or movie, listening piano, wilderness exploration,  and so forth. This is my life and dream.

I will create a balance between work and dream. More than 5 years in web design. The most critical part of life, don’t fall into the hype of the social networks. They’ll make you lose your way.  We must remember keep own belief and dream alive. Practice, practice, , the recursion continues forever.  Sometimes, I feel the pain with dream or other things. But, I can not stop. Think of the once owned, i must see, nobody else understands me as well as i do. This is my wealth which makes me grow up.  I like following words:

“We cannot predict the future. But we can create it.” – Jim Collins

Thank you for everything. Don’t be afraid of being too stressed to do best work. I will. Don’t forget the dream and belief. Meanwhile, make adjustments as necessary and keep moving forward. Why some people remember dreams, others don’t. Perhaps it is because in the reality without courage to discover myself. I believe, there is hope in dreams, making is a reality. Making my way forward with belief now.


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Hi. I'm a full-stack designer. Focus on UI, UX, awesome websites, front-end and WordPress development. I want to build things I can be proud of.