10 Personal Habits for Improving Web Design Skills

All products are manufactured to personal specifications, include web design, illustration, game, and so forth. Design was a challenging proposition. There are many tips on the Internet. How do we choose? Find a suitable way for their own is a problem. It turns out that every habit lets a behavior unfold. Here, starting from their own habit. I have some habit of improving my design life.

I’ve been attention to my own habits for web or user interface design, looking at my routines to find out what makes me more productive and happier.  Right now I copy some ideas that I like. Fortunately, I really see a little.

1.Plucking whatever styling of user interface I will

Choose from all favorite styling to build my own web design. For example: game, cartoon, animation, horrible, cute, women, onepage, parallax, flat, big picture. Find my own character that is true. Do it like this could lead to feeling up.

2.Listen to the wonderful sound while designing the web

Find some pleasant to hear piano music (light music or instrumental). For some people the use of music might enhance the overall experience and effectiveness. Such as me. I like game instrumental and piano very much. Discover new music i’ll love, it means find some ways to avoid interference.

3.Exploring new approaches to learning

Decide which time of day suits you best and to keep to the pattern you establish. Such as, letting others do the front-end really very much does not suit oneself! I like do it. This can make me think independently.

4.Check out more excellent website about UI/UX

For instance, I once wrote two paper about Improve Design User Experience, 10 Awesome Websites of UX Design Guidelines for Learning and 10 Useful And Plentiful Resources Websites for Front End Web Development . We should find more valuable websites. Reading techniques to improve my search capabilities. It’s important now.

5.Evolutionary own design skills about front-end, UI, SEO, php, and so on

The ability to separate out reusable elements from other waste is crucial. It reqired that I have to have a key skill and secondary abilities. I’m a freelancer, so I cannot expect to do things all the people I will work with. I have to get better collaboration with team, as both a manager or as project leader independently. Like this is “not bad” really.

I’m going to enjoy this. This could learn a lot from careers.

6.Less words, more works

Don’t worry about the future. If I cannot get stable practice I cannot get a predictable plan. Simple to do it. Do and do.

7.Learn to appreciate movies or animations

I am a movie and animation lover. Well in the past  i love to watch Retro, Action, Science, Horror, and Disney movies. Any theme will do as long as the storyline is great and take my hammering heart. The sudden flash of insight or energy I get from inspiration. That can help me find inspiration for designing.

8.Having a personal website

However, if you have a website, you can be found by a much wider audience and research what it is your dream. This is key for establishing my personal brand and for highlighting my accomplishments. Keep growing of own personal websites also is my life. I was fully relieved.

9.Using pen and paper instead of computer sometimes

Think of the internet, here is almost equal to the computer, it is also a poison. For me, instead more about sticking with something that works for me. Paper can give me more space to explore with my body, is easier. The pen and paper is considered to be the most underrated creativity and productivity tool gradually. But it can make think clearly and enhance the creative process.

10.Remember my original intention

What is my dream? What is my belief? What is my choice? Don’t forget my original intention. Follow my heart step by step. What I will need? I need to know what the thought i will be like. The key to success is to be ready from the start.


The little habits that can change my life. This article aims to pinpoint some of the effective ways as me deserve to be. Don’t be afraid to explord for yourself.

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