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10 Page Transition Effects Trends for Web Developer in 2018

We design and develop some non-refresh websites (such as the use of ajax, pjax and other technologies). They may include some page transition and effects and animations which improve the site’s user experience and ploy of interface heavily, allowing users to stay longer. This is also a great way to increase content marketing. I might have found the start of a new trend in 2018 involving an interesting and unusual kind of page transition and effects that are very interesting, especially when we’re using the effects to tell stories or sell your products.

1. Disorganized Animation Based On SVG

When you click on the navigation menu, the whole page of the SVG is not a normal shape. Switching smoothly between the two ways of exploring the story and page content you have at your disposal. The result of this is to bring an unprecedented freshness.

Disorganized Animation Based On SVG
Example:Labor Fit Company


2. Depth Of Focus Effect

The elements of the page or the primary character, and even the background image to the depth of field animation to switch in order to make a parallax effect.

Depth Of Focus Effect



3. Animation of Page Coordinate Positioning Spy

The point transitions are very nice and took advantage of that. Accurate positioning of the product or the site’s target audience, help to make users find the focus of the page.

Animation of Page Coordinate Positioning Spy

Example:Les Animals Studio


4. Smooth And Continuous Shape Change

Very rhythmic and step-by-step transition effect, so that the user’s focus is changing. At the same time make the site more interesting.

Smooth And Continuous Shape Change

Example:Cuberto — Interactive Design Studio


5. Vertical And Continuous Mask Display & Hide

Using non-refresh mask layer queue to hidden or display the content. If you use this way to navigate, you can know more clearly where you are on the page.

Vertical And Continuous Mask Display & Hide

Example:Ueno. Digital agency


6. Horizontal And Continuous Mask Display & Hide

Similar to the previous effect with excellent user experience.

Horizontal And Continuous Mask Display & Hide


7. The Transition Of Direction, Rotation or Position Move

Very creative expression and giving the immediate feeling. The experience really shocking when I saw this site. The most prominent is animation of the page rotation and background color change.

The Transition Of Direction, Rotation or Position Move

Example:Nick Jones – Interface Prototyper / Designer


8. Perspective And Scene Switch

Allowing users a glance and harmonious product guide. From the whole experience, the page highlight the clear steps and text introduction.


Example:Neematic Bike



9. Variety Of Smooth And Continuous Shape Change

A little blind feeling. Common in the slider, but here used in the page transition animation, I think it is an application of cross-thinking skills. Good work!

Variety Of Smooth And Continuous Shape Change

Example:Do Things That Matter — KBS Canada


10. Easing Animation With Parallax

The page has comfortable easing and parallax effects. The combination of multiple transitions also makes the page look real and highly creative.

Easing Animation With Parallax

Example:The Great Agency


I hope this article will give you more inspiration and improve design and development capabilities. Like it? You can follow me if you want, thanks. 🙂

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