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    The Most Used Responsive Breakpoints in 2017 Of Mine

    I believe many web designers still have many confusion for the responsive design . Screen resolution? CSS3 Media Queries? Device width? Screen Sizes? And so on. The rapid development of web design and electronic devices

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    Using PJAX Module for Content – Nailme Premium WordPress Theme

    Pjax is a standalone JavaScript technique that uses ajax (XmlHttpRequest) and pushState() to deliver a fast browsing experience. It allow you to progressively enhance normal links on a page so that clicks result in the

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    The Best Offline Tools to Validate HTML and CSS Markup

    Sometimes, we need to use some offline tools to improve our work efficiency. Especially when we design and develop websites. There are free and offline html/css validator tools. A great tool I wouldn’t be without.
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    A Wonderful Way To Test Your Websites for Retina by Google Chrome without an Actual Retina Display

    There is a wonderful way to test your websites for retina by google chrome without an actual retina display. Naturally, it is always best to test your website using the actual devices so that you can actually see what’s really going on with your website.
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    Improve Design User Experience, 10 Awesome Websites of UX Design Guidelines for Learning

    UX Design spanned all aspects of web design, user interface design, anthropology, interactive design, and so on. You have to create the right navigation so people know where to go and can find things easily from your visual design. We need some knowledge to learn the relationship between human and machine. This 10 websites will guide you into the world of UX. Therefore, obtain user experience foundation’s status are of great significance.
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    10 Useful And Plentiful Resources Websites for Front End Web Development

    To develop front-end of website test so as to improve test efficiency and reduce test cost. You have to look for some resources of javascript, html4, html5, css, less, svg, jquery, and so on. Designing a better finish as long as you follow the license terms. For some web designers, all they need a list of some good tools which are open source and meant for making more UI. Meanwhile, it meets higher level growth needs for designer. Here, I’ve rounded up 10 useful and plentiful resources websites for front end web development. Hope you like it.